Make sure you fill out your self assessment on time

There are certain people, including the self employed, who have to fill out a self assessment tax return. This can be tricky but help is available. You can call on us to work with an expert Accountant Hemel Hempstead clients trust.

The deadline for online tax returns regarding untaxed income for April 2018–2019 is 31st January 2020. However, there are other dates you also need to keep in mind.

Deadlines to be aware of

The 5th October 2019 is the last date for informing HMRC that you are self-employed and need to complete a self assessment tax return next year. Luckily you don’t need to register if you already have in the past.

The other vital date for October is the 31st. This is the deadline for the 2018-19 tax year if you want to file a paper return and not an online one.

If you want to file an online tax return and have tax collected through PAYE using your tax code, 30th December 2019 is the deadline. However, this is only an option for people with some income already taxed through PAYE and those with a self-assessed tax bill for 2018-19 under £3,000.

Don’t fall for a scam

A lot of fraudsters try their luck at this time of year when self assessment tax deadlines come around. You need to be careful and not fall for tricks that will result in you disclosing important personal data.

You should question any communication from an organisation that wants your details instead of just handing them straight over. If HMRC wants to contact you directly, they would send a letter in the post. Be careful and never give bank details if you receive unsolicited communication about tax.

Never open an email attachment from HMRC; they will never ask you to do this. You should also note that fraudsters often try and pressure people to hand over details. They might do this by threatening you with legal action saying that you owe money. It is important that you don’t succumb to pressure and hand over sensitive information.

Work with an Accountant

Accountants can help you with your self assessment as well as other matters. This way, you can make sure you are doing everything right. There is no reason to feel stressed when you have an expert on your side. Get in touch with us today to have the chance to work with a stellar choice of accountant Hemel Hempstead clients can have confidence in.